Financial Freedom could be just one phonecall away…

It is impossible to change your financial situation without properly understanding it. And this is a major stumbling block for many of us, because so much financial jargon appears designed to keep us from easily understanding what’s going on.

The fact is, it’s in the interest of commercial banks and financial professionals to keep you in the dark: the less you understand, the less you are able to fix your situation. And the longer your situation goes unfixed, the more they earn simply watching your debt pile up.

Our Free Credit Score Checks are designed to avoid exactly this vicious cycle. We don’t simply feed your information into an algorithm or expect you to have the time and knowledge to decode jargon-filled explanations as to how and why your credit score is where it is. We offer direct personal explanations of your credit score, ensuring you understand how credit works, what it will affect and how you can go about beginning to improve it.

Many people don’t realise how much their credit score can affect their life: from renting a flat to applying for certain jobs, bad credit can be a dark cloud that follows you around just like debt. Without knowing it, the number of roads you can take your life down is significantly restricted.


However, many people also don’t realise how much control they truly have over their credit scores, or how much they can do to fix them given the right information. With a few simple pointers and a clear, honest understanding of how the system operates, our Free Credit Score Checks will allow you to gain the confidence and control over your life to do whatever you want. Because we believe nothing should hold you back from living the life you choose – whether that’s receiving a mortgage, getting a credit card or buying a phone.